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Aurizon Commence Legal Action to Stop Industrial Action

As expected, Aurizon has commenced its first legal challenge against the upcoming industrial action. The RTBU National legal team expected nothing more than this given the nature of the employer in question and previous experience with them in other States.

At this point it is not my intention to analyse the fine detail of the legal technicalities they are attempting to exploit. But, in simple terms, the broad allegation is that this is not protected industrial action as the basis of you taking the
action is not to secure an Agreement.

Our legal team were, naturally, never sure which obscure angle the first legal assault would come from, but were standing in readiness for whatever materialised and are confident that Aurizon will not succeed. However, the type of points being pursued are always different and sometimes there is little legal precedence on a specific fine point. Thus there will always be some chance that Aurizonís barristers are able to persuade Fair Work.

I would also put members on notice that even if Aurizon are, as expected, unsuccessful they are almost certainly going to pursue it further or initiate some new legal assault. Please do not be intimidated by Aurizonís tactics because that is precisely one of their goals. Their propaganda machine will be at full blast over the coming days.

Members should fully understand that Aurizon is in no way just a new name for QRN; they are an entirely different beast that will give their workers no quarter. It is essential during this campaign that you are very careful what you say to any part of the supervisory/ management element of Aurizon.
The matter is set down for 10am tomorrow, Friday 2nd January, and I will advise you of the outcome as soon as a decision is handed down.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
RTBU State Secretary,
Queensland Branch