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Aurizon again attempts to prevent industrial action

Aurizon yet again has taken action to try and prevent the RTBU from pursuing the legitimate industrial campaign and has forwarded a “Update with what is considered to be misleading reasoning.

The RTBU followed the Order of the FairWork Commission in this matter and gave “5 clear days” notice of industrial action rather than the “3 working days” normally provided. Aurizon is now challenging this and has advised they will seek this matter to be addressed through the Industrial Courts. Our advice is that this could be lengthy and go beyond a date in which the RTBU would have enough notice time to allow for industrial action prior to the 30 day period. If no action is taken in the first 30 days a re-ballot would be required which is most probably the aim of Aurizon.

The fact is that the RTBU recently offered in writing to refrain from using industrial action at this point if Aurizon simply withdrew their application to terminate the Agreements and proceeded to meaningful negotiations. It won’t surprise members to learn that Aurizon did not respond favourably to this.

The RTBU will not be sucked into a potentially lengthy delaying tactic and has therefore withdrawn the notice of industrial action on 31 December and re-issued the notice for 3rd
January, 2015.

Strike Action will therefore occur in Jilalan Traincrew Depot from 12 noon on 3 January until 12 noon on 4 January 2015.

There will be an implementation of overtime bans in the following Depots from 1am on 3 January, 2014 until 1am on 7 January 2014:

Callemondah Depot
Coppabella Depot
Pring Depot

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
RTBU State Secretary,
Queensland Branch