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Queensland Election - Enrolment Message

The Queensland Election is now set and the issues for members couldnít be clearer.

Weíve seen years of an arrogant government that has broken every significant promise it made before the last election.

Members were told that they Ďhad nothing to fearí by the election of Campbell Newman and the LNP, but experience has proven to be very different.

So far we have seen a rising cost of living, spiralling unemployment and a promise to continue privatising state owned assets like electricity and public transport.

Campbell Newman and the LNP need to be sent a message that itís not good enough.

It doesnít matter what words they use, asset leasing, contestability or anything else Ė itís spin for privatisation.

If Campbell Newman isnít sent a message at this election, he will see it as an endorsement of his arrogant plan to privatise even more state assets which will drive up your cost of living.

The best way to send Campbell Newman a message is, when you vote, to number every square and put the LNP candidate last
Now the Qld election date is fixed itís important more than ever to ensure you have a voice on polling day
If you arenít on the electoral roll you donít get a vote, itís that simple. Checking if youíre on the roll is easy and quick

You can check online at the link below or call 13 23 26.

If you need to enrol you can also do that online at the link below.

Changes to the electoral laws mean that the time you have to enrol to vote is tight. You only have a few days, so checking now means you wonít miss out.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
RTBU State Secretary,
Queensland Branch

PS. Send Campbell Newman and the LNP a message, number every box and put the LNP last

Australian Electoral Commission - Link to check your current enrolment details online
Australian Electoral Commission - Enrol - Link to enrol to vote