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Protected Action Ballot Results

Despite Tropical Cyclone Marcia holding up the mail in some Qld centres during voting, the majority of members voted and they voted strongly in favour of the continued action.

Members in Aurizon Traincrew grades along with all members in AER were balloted on three questions seeking approval from members for twenty-four hour stoppages, overtime bans and bans in handling perishable or hazardous goods.

The results of the ballot are that members voted 92% in favour of questions 1, 91% in favour of question 2, and 82% in favour of question 3.

Industrial action is never easy, but when members vote in such numbers it shows a resolve and willingness to keep pressure up on Aurizon for as long as it takes to get a fair deal.

Feedback from members is that they are encouraged by the recent progress of some of the negotiations but are firmly of the view there is a ways to go with some big ticket items still yet to be discussed.

Members have also witnessed the company posting surging profits and upbeat reports to the news media and shareholders alike. There can be no doubt that current arrangements aren’t holding Aurizon back, quite the opposite – they are thriving.

The RTBU will continue to apply pressure to the company to make further progress in negotiations, hopefully peacefully, but with no hesitation of using industrial action if the company drifts back to being unreasonable.

Members will also be pleased to know that following recent discussions with the AFULEQ we are now agreed on operating a joint industrial campaign when and if necessary. Unity really is strength, and we can now move forward putting maximum pressure on Aurizon – the way it should be.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
RTBU State Secretary,
Queensland Branch