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Higher Level Approach in Construction & Maintenance: Industrial Action Approved in Traincrew/AER

Aurizon Negotiations

A short time ago, following the commencement of our industrial campaign in Aurizon Traincrew and the AER section of the business we were approached to try to get more senior managers along with senior officials to the table to try to make progress.

So far in that agreement area the signs have been positive and we are cautiously optimistic we might make some progress. The negotiations have occurred with the involvement of Traincrew negotiators, just in a different format.

The sorts of matters discussed are those particular to certain areas such as rostering issues as well as those matters which might apply across the two agreement areas.

Following from this we proposed that a similar approach be adopted for the Construction and Maintenance agreement group.

The idea is that key issues get dealt with by senior operational managers and senior officials to see if we can find a way forward to agreement.

The great preference of all members is to reach a sensible agreement, one that rewards their hard work and recognises the success of the company on the back of significant changes that have been made.

Following our approach we have just now received a response from Aurizon and they have said they are keen to try and move forward using this method.

Meetings are being setup in the very near future to progress Agreement.

Traincrew Ballot

Recently the ballot of Aurizon Traincrew and AER members came back overwhelmingly endorsing further protected action in support of their agreement.

Right now, given progress is being made satisfactory to negotiators industrial action is on hold. Hopefully, we can report more significant progress in the near future as a result of the new processes.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
RTBU State Secretary,
Queensland Branch