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Pay Dispute Update

Subsequent to yesterday’s circular advising of the resolution of the late-pay-day dispute, please be advised that the latest day for requests for cash-advances is 10am, Monday 29 June.

Please get in quick so you’re not disadvantaged.
Also, Aurizon have asked that you make contact with Brandon Cliff in payroll to arrange: ph 3019 1137.

Please do not contact Andrew Walker as per yesterday’s newsletter.

The RTBU has received the following from Aurizon:

"As per our meeting yesterday with the Commissioner and the Union I have contacted our bank (Commonwealth Bank) as per the request from the Commissioner, to ensure Aurizon makes all efforts to ensure monies are paid to employees on the 1st July being the pay date for Aurizon Operation and Aurizon Network those payrolls that could have potentially been impacted by end of financial year processing.

I have spoken with CBA and they have provided the following email which confirms that if Aurizon ensures the payroll is approved in Commbiz before 8.30 am on the 1st July that all banking institutions are required by their governing body to ensure that funds are processed on the same date. I will ensure all funds are authorised before 8.30am.

All major banks and the seven smaller including Railways Credit Union will credit employee accounts quite early in the day. It is only those credit unions and building societies that may not credit accounts until late that night.

As per our agreement with the Commissioner where an employee banks with one of those CU or BS’s and they will be impacted and incur a penalty of some kind we will process a net cash advance to employees prior to the 1st and recover these funds in the payroll to ensure no overpayments.

It is critical that we receive all requests by 10am Monday 29th to ensure we can make all payments required.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
RTBU State Secretary,
Queensland Branch