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Yes Vote for All Aurizon Agreements

Yesterday the Traincrew and Operations Aurizon agreement was approved with a margin of over 75% of those voting. This follows the 82% YES vote for the Construction and Maintenance Enterprise Agreement.

As members will be aware the Staff Agreement was voted up some time ago with a much slimmer majority and this therefore means all Aurizon workers involved in this process are covered by Agreements now.

The process has been long and painful for members their families and the delegates involved and the way in which Aurizon behaved during these was a disgrace and certainly won’t be forgotten by its workforce too quickly.

Nevertheless as a result of enormous hard work and perseverance by the Union side negotiators, particularly those Aurizon delegates involved, Agreements are now in place that a sizeable majority can work with. If it wasn’t for the tenacity displayed by our delegates in these negotiations and the RTBU industrial action campaign a significant proportion of the positive elements of these Agreements would not be contained in the Agreements. Much of what the Union side negotiators achieved can be easily recognised by comparing the Agreements to the shameful conditions in the draft Agreement (TOMI) Aurizon asked you to accept in their own ballot last October.

I understand the enormously difficult work undertaken by our negotiating delegates and the stressful and often frustrating environment in which these negotiations occurred and I wish to express this Union's profound gratitude to these representatives of the Aurizon workforce.

The RTBU is not suggesting that everything in these Agreements are what the workforce wanted and it has to be recognised that the undesirable circumstances in which the ballot occurred was instrumental in the final significant vote in favour.

When these Agreements are next negotiated the tactics used by Aurizon will not be forgotten. Whilst our preference will continue to be working in unity with the other rail unions, the RTBU will ensure that our experience and knowledge of how to deal with negotiations involving such employers in our industry will be at the forefront of decision making in respect of the required tactics in pursuing our members’ best interests. This is naturally the case in respect of all three (3) Aurizon Agreements.

Yours in Unity and Strength,

Owen Doogan
RTBU State Secretary
Queensland Branch