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QR Workplace Flexibility Survey: beware of wolves in sheep's clothing

QR has issued a questionnaire to staff seeking their views on workplace flexibility.

While some may see this as an innocent process it is not a shock to your Union that such a questionnaire goes out just when negotiations are commencing on your future conditions through your Enterprise Agreement.

Members have to make a decision whether or not they can really trust QR HR with such information you may recall the atrocious agreement they tried to force upon you when the LNP government was in power late last year. If it had not been for the new Government stopping the arbitration going ahead and accepting the High Court decision, without trying to change the law to overcome that decision, these same people would have had great delight in taking almost complete control of all workplace flexibility, stripping you of many of your conditions in the process.

You should also take into consideration the fact that this organisation that is now looking at your workplace flexibility took great pleasure in removing LDOs from a wide range of QR employees over the last couple of years and no doubt would have gone after the rest of their employees with LDOs in due course.

The RTBU urges members not to complete the questionnaire, but provide the Union with your views to be taken into consideration during negotiation.

An effort to divide and conquer prior and during negotiations is not an unusual tactic for exploitive employers to use and often use what appears to be innocent means to split a workforce.

Already the QR HR negotiators have sought your representatives to agree many of the so called flexibilities and reduction in your conditions they already tried to bludgeon away from you through arbitration. We would ask you to defer a decision on whether or not QR HR deserves any of your trust until you see the final position they present in the current Enterprise Agreements.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
RTBU State Secretary,
Queensland Branch