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Email/Text Message Sackings: Hutchison Port Facility, Fisherman Island

At the Hutchison Port community gathering
In one of the most disgraceful acts by an employer since the maritime dispute in 1998, the Hutchison Port operators dispatched termination notices to a large number of their workforce late in the evening by text message and/or email. The following morning the paperwork for their termination arrived in the mail and therefore had already been dispatched prior to the inhumane way that they sacked these workers.

The community in general and the Union movement in particular are quite shocked by the callous behaviour of this organisation and the MUA has commenced a peaceful community gathering at the Hutchison Port facility at Fisherman Island. I am pleased to say that the RTBU has had a presence at the community gathering each morning and I would like to thank those workers off the job who have rushed to assist their colleagues in the MUA.

There are now over 20 Unions who have agreed to provide assistance to the Hutchison sacked workers in the campaign for them to be re-instated and for the proper process to be introduced to address any redundancies or any other matters regarding this facility.

It should be noted that the appalling behaviour by Hutchison did not only occur in Brisbane but also in Sydney where there is a similar community gathering and the RTBU is providing support.

It is the intention to continue with a 24 hour peaceful gathering of the Hutchison Port facility at Fisherman Island and Unions have been provided with a time in which they are sought to assist the sacked workers by having a presence on the community gathering.

The RTBU has been allocated between 12 noon and 6pm each day to have our members providing support for these workers.

I am therefore seeking volunteers who wish to assist our colleagues in the MUA by participating in the peaceful gathering at Fisherman Island. Please arrange to share this information with your work colleagues and follow-up for their involvement as well.

If you wish to volunteer please contact the RTBU office on the following number or one of the following Organisers:

RTBU Office 07 3839 4988
Ross Schimke 0418 159 114
Shayne Kummerfeld 0419 769 128
Greg Talbot 0430 516 556
Bennett Roche 0419 769 130

It is vital that all employers get a message through this campaign that the woeful behaviour of Hutchison treating workers in the manner that they have is not acceptable and will be strongly opposed by the combined Union movement. I can assure you that your colleagues in the MUA will be very much appreciative of any support you can provide. Please contact one of the Organisers if you have any particular enquiries in respect of this issue.

In solidarity
Owen Doogan
RTBU State Secretary,
Queensland Branch