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Combined Unions: QR Bargaining

Bargaining has continued weekly for some weeks now with slow but important progress being made.

Following the survey of members, and the subsequent coming together of delegates in July, we have pressed on in attempts to gain new agreements.

Members would be aware that this has been an ongoing issue for a long time given it has straddled the period when we were covered by the old inferior cut down Newman LNP era Agreements replaced after the High Court decision by our old Federal Agreements.

This means that we regained some protections, but it changed the dynamics of bargaining for all sides.

So far we have worked through the claims from both sides and identified the areas that need more work.

In the core of all agreements, those matters which affect everyone there are a number of issues, many we expect to resolve fairly quickly.

The agreement specific issues are mixed. Most agreements have very little to be resolved where a few have significant ground between us. Despite the difficulties with some agreement areas, we will be concentrating on resolving the impasse as quickly as we can.

Ultimately, members rightfully want a pay rise, and fair enough its been a long wait.

We are mindful that we need to get these things right at the same time.

Your delegate has more detailed information on where the agreements are up to but please bear in mind this is a dynamic situation which means things change quickly.

More feedback will be provided as we make greater progress.

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