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QR Bargaining

There has been several negotiation meetings which have occurred over the last few months aimed at getting to a fair outcome in bargaining.

Members have been patient while your representatives have tried to reach agreement on important issues including a well-deserved pay increase and some back pay.

So far negotiations have been generally positive but slow moving. Right now we are at the stage where there are still some critical items which remain unresolved.

We have been bargaining at two levels. At one level we deal with the core items affecting everyone, like annual leave and long service leave.

In parallel, we have negotiated agreement specific issues. Allowances and competency requirements for particular occupations are good examples.

At the agreement specific level, in some cases, we have full in principle agreement. In others we are a little further apart. In all though, the issues should be resolved with a little more work.

The core area though, has some big issues which QR wonít budge on. They say their senior executive team simply wonít move.

The major core issues outstanding are:

Contracting out rules
Recruitment and selection rules
Providing some fairness for casual employees
Back pay

These are issues which affect everyone one way or another and they need to be resolved to provide some of the fairness taken away by the Newman Government.

We have tried to get movement on these matters on a number of occasions but we have now hit an impasse. QR just wonít budge. Itís now time for us to talk to members and discuss next steps.

We are now arranging meeting with members across a number of locations but we need to do this relatively quickly. Members everywhere tell us that they want us to get an in principle agreement finalised as soon as we can, as long as itís a fair one.

Where we canít arrange a meeting, or the posted time doesnít suit you we will provide details for a telephone report back shortly. It will give members greater access than available in previous rounds.
We will also give details for how you can have your say in what could be a large phone conference.

Importantly we expect to be back to further meetings in the near future as the bargaining campaign gets into full swing.

Included with this is a time table. Some meetings will occur at change of shift where an organiser catches people before and after work. In other workplaces we will conduct larger mass meetings.

Like always though, your workplace delegate is the best source of information and will have details of where and when your most relevant meeting is.

On that note, it is timely to congratulate your workplace delegates. Many have been involved directly in the negotiations and have brought your issues to the table, fearlessly. Keep in touch with them for updates on bargaining.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
RTBU State Secretary,
Queensland Branch