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Aurizon Thumb their Nose at Calls for Yard Safety

There are troubling developments in Pring with Aurizon trying to ignore a dispute over untrained personnel performing shunting operations in a complex yard.

Earlier this week the RTBU notified of a dispute once it became apparent that Aurizon were resisting providing proper training to Traincrew ahead of rostered ground operations.

There is no question that the Agreement provides for properly qualified Traincrew to undertake ground work but without that training, it creates a hazard to safety.

You would be forgiven for thinking Aurizon would simply accept that there must have been an oversight and provided the training, but instead they are resisting all attempts at resolving this matter.

The RTBU has notified them on at least 3 occasions now but they have replied to our reasoned arguments with words like ‘Thanks for your reply. Please be advised the Aurizon position remains unchanged.” No arguments, no explanation – just pure arrogance.

Following Aurizon’s unreasonable attitude the RTBU made an urgent approach to the Rail Safety Regulator to intervene as a matter of urgency. We await their response.
Local workplace health and safety officers have also issued Provisional Improvement Notices. These notices require the company to cease the disputed work until workplace inspectors can attend and investigate.

We will keep members up to date on developments – it’s an important dispute and Aurizon can’t get away with their devil may care approach to rail safety.

RTBU Delegates have been vigilant, continuing to fight against a company that simply doesn’t care about their safety, and when they raise issues get fobbed off.

We will never accept our Delegates getting brushed aside by this arrogant management. Our Delegates have the support of their fellow members, delegates and officials across the state.

Stay tuned for further updates.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
RTBU State Secretary,
Queensland Branch

Stop Press – We have been informed by the Rail Safety Regulator that they have now issued Aurizon with instructions not to change any shunting practices without first conducting proper risk assessments that comply with the safety management system. This requires consultation with all relevant stakeholders including the RTBU.