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QR Bargaining Update

Protected Action Ballots are now under way in Control and Rollingstock Maintenance with the Electoral Commission shortly to post out voting papers. Ballots in other areas will be sought shortly.

It is critical that all affected members cast a vote. If less than 50% of the group donít vote Ė the ballot doesn't even get counted. On that basis, if you donít vote itís like voting no.

People should also understand that only union members will get a vote and only union members can take action if itís approved. People can join ahead of the action to gain coverage but they are better off joining now and being part of the process.

Following our lodgement of protected action ballots with the Fair Work Commission QR sought to re-establish negotiations.

Rail Unions met with QR to receive some revised positions on core issues.

Sadly whilst there was a little movement on some issues such as putting very minor restrictions on contracting out, there was not nearly enough to allow agreement to be reached.

Members across QR are rightfully angry. They are angry because they have been deprived of pay increases for an unreasonably long period of time.
With the prospect of an industrial campaign about to start we would expect QR to work a bit harder to reach agreement.

We have of course made it clear that we continue to be prepared to negotiate.

The issues facing people in QR are massive. Long overdue wage increases, pushing back the erosion of secure jobs, and having fair rules for recruitment are important for everyone.

Itís no surprise that members want to take the fight up a notch through an industrial campaign. If QR want to avoid this battle, they need to sharpen their pencils, get back to the table and take our claims seriously.

We will keep you up to date with progress. As always, your workplace delegate is the best source of information on whatís happening.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
RTBU State Secretary,
Queensland Branch