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QR Enterprise Agreement: Update

As members will be aware there are a number of outstanding issues in respect of the Enterprise Agreement not yet agreed. The Union is still pursuing some key issues including:

contracting out provisions
labour hire issues
abuse of casual employment (many current employees should be permanent)
recruitment and selection
dispute settlement procedure
back pay

There are other matters unresolved, some of them specific to individual agreements which affect only groups of QR employees rather than the whole workforce.

During this week the Unions have been working on proposals to try and resolve most of the issues above and it is hoped that negotiations will continue next week in order to move to finalisation of the Agreement.

Following the applications for balloting members in respect of industrial action, QR has indicated that they are prepared to continue with negotiations. We would hope that they have a more flexible position than they had recently but in the meantime we have continued to extend the areas being balloted including the station staff. Further applications are likely to occur early next week.

The RTBU is conducting briefing sessions for delegates twice a week on progress and should you require any further information over the next week or so please talk to your local delegate.

Naturally, the RTBU will send an update at the end of next week unless there is any progress earlier in which case we will ensure members are immediately advised.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
RTBU State Secretary,
Queensland Branch