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RTBU Train Controllers Provide a Thumping “YES” Vote for Industrial Action

RTBU Train Controllers in QR have voted in large numbers and overwhelmingly support industrial action to secure a fair agreement.

91% of members returned ballot papers AND over 94% of the RTBU votes counted voted YES for all 10 proposed forms of action with over 97.5% voting YES for five (5) of the ten (10) forms of action.

There is no clearer message that it’s time to settle this round of negotiations. Members have made it clear they will start a campaign for a fairer agreement and soon.

No-one likes the inconvenience of industrial action, but enough is enough. The time for vague promises is over. The time for real solutions is upon us. QR needs to finally get serious and reach agreement on a fair deal for Train Controllers.

These negotiations have been going on for months now; far longer than they should.

By voting in such large numbers, and in with such overwhelming support for an industrial campaign - QR should now start to understand our resolve.

We won’t accept a second rate agreement. It’s time the pay freeze ended; we got a fair progression arrangement; and an end to proposals which would see members’ conditions going backwards.

Our demands are fair and easy to understand. We are set to continue negotiations soon and with this result we expect a bit more urgency and focus than we’ve seen up until now.

RTBU Delegates will soon meet to discuss the next steps in the campaign now that the results of the industrial action ballot have been declared.

One minor matter that requires attention is that whilst ninety-six (96) of our Controller members received ballot papers, a few did not get a vote which is most likely due to their addresses with QR not matching the addresses provided by the RTBU. The Electoral Commission demands details to be the same. If you have changes to your address in recent times it is essential you advise the RTBU as soon as possible.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
RTBU State Secretary,
Queensland Branch