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QR EBA News Update


I refer members to Circular #84/2015 forwarded on 23/12/15, advising of the outcome of the negotiations on the enterprise agreement including the in-principle agreement between Queensland Rail and Unions.

Whilst there is in-principle agreement for all five of the draft Agreements there is still the fine tuning required in the drafting process.

Work on this has been occurring this week and will continue into next week at which point Delegates who have been involved in negotiations will commence examining and be involved in the drafting exercise to ensure that the provisions in the Agreement meet the needs of the parties and are true to the agreements reached in negotiations.

It is essential that we get the wording as clear as possible to avoid interpretation problems into the future.

Members should appreciate that regardless of the drafting process, the in-principle agreement stands in respect to the:

6% pay rise you will receive from 1 March;
a further 3% pay rise you will receive in the next two years; and
3% back pay for approximately 12 months from 1 March coming

I would just also like to remind members that included in this agreement is:

tougher rules around contracting out and stronger emphasis on work being done in-house;
fairer rules around insecure employment, helping casual employees gain certainty; and
rectifying changes made to policy by the previous Newman Government

Following the drafting of the Agreements there is a requirement for them to be distributed to all of you for consideration. After the period given for consideration members will be provided with the opportunity to vote on whether or not you wish to accept their Agreement.

Please understand that the final say on the Agreement for your area will be in the hands of those affected by the Agreement, that being you. The vote by employees will determine whether or not it is acceptable.

Whilst the Union negotiators recognise that we did not achieve everything we were seeking in the log of claims, there is a general position that the achievements have been significant and therefore there is a strong recommendation from the Unions that these Agreements be accepted.

I will of course keep members advised of developments and the RTBU will be participating in briefing sessions at workplaces through teleconferences throughout the state to further enlighten members on the detail of the Agreements.

Of course, either now or after you are provided with access to the Agreements and, where possible, participation in a briefing session, the Union is more than happy to continue to answer any questions or provide any clarification sought by members to ensure that when you do vote on your Agreement you are voting with the full knowledge of the contents. Your delegates will have, or will have access to, the information required to provide responses.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
RTBU State Secretary,
Queensland Branch

QR EBA News Update - 84/2015: QR Members