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Aurizon Dispute: Change in Shift Worker Status

The RTBU, in conjunction with the AMWU and ETU, have been in conciliation with Aurizon over the definition of a shift worker under the Traincrew and Transport Operations and the Construction and Maintenance Agreements.

Aurizon wants to set a new industry standard for defining what the words “Regularly Rostered” mean. Currently they are claiming that for an employee to be called a shift worker, they must be rostered to work a minimum of 26 Sundays and 1 Public Holiday per year.

Aurizon have already withdrawn shift worker status from some employees who they argue are not entitled to it under the above definition and have refused to budge on what they deem to be an appropriate threshold for the Rail Industry throughout the conciliation process in the FairWork Commission.

The parties have attended two conciliation conferences thus far with no resolution. The Rail Unions are now exploring options to progress this matter, including seeking further legal advice, prior to the matter returning to the FairWork Commission next month.

We will keep members informed of developments.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
RTBU State Secretary,
Queensland Branch