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Make sure you have your say on QR EBAs

Voting is now underway for Qld Rail Enterprise Agreements. Youíve had an opportunity to attend a session, read the agreements along with the information sheets from both management and your union.

Now itís time for you have your say and cast a vote on whether you accept your proposed Agreement. Voting material should already be with you and they contain clear instructions on how to have your say.

We urge all members to cast a vote. You have until 5pm on 16 March to vote, so please take the time to vote as soon as you can.

Meetings have been held across the organisation and the overwhelming feedback is that members are satisfied with the proposals. Members are saying they support the agreements getting certified by the Fair Work Commission.

The proposed agreements if approved by members will mark an important milestone. They represent some important improvements including:

Restoration of fairness in policies;
Strengthening of job security measures; and
Recognition of both cost of living pressures, as well as making up in part for a long wages freeze.

We werenít able to gain agreement from QR to every issue raised by members in the lead up to bargaining, but we certainly have seen significant improvements proposed. Your new agreement represents a building block for future agreements. It is the cornerstone to further reasonable improvements if we remain focused and united.

Members are urged to cast a vote. Itís your time to have a say on the future at work.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
RTBU State Secretary,
Queensland Branch