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The Sad Truth about Working for BMA Rail

When BMA Rail started running trains in Central Queensland they were the talk of the town, with an agreement that offered strong wages, industry standard conditions and quality lifestyle provisions that include a 4 on 4 off roster. Understandably, they were inundated with applications.

To be honest on the surface it looks like a great place to work and even though it’s a Greenfield Agreement (and like most Greenfield Agreements, members are looking to iron out some issues in the next one) overall the package is one that seems quite attractive.

However, the sad truth is once people start it is different:

The drum beat roster that was spoken about has never eventuated with start and finish times erratic at best
The practice where Traincrew are able to swap shifts to gain even more family friendly rostering has now been all but squashed
Transparency in rostering is all but non-existent

But when it comes to negative outcomes, I think the feather in the cap is for the treatment, by BMA, of a member who, by BMA Rail’s own admission, is a very good worker, who is reliable and helped the company on many occasions since his start a few short years ago.

He is a sought after level 2 train driver who has turned out quality trainees, but that all came crashing down last week when he was reduced back to level 1 and advised he was no longer required to turn out quality trainees.

WHY? Because he declined the “OPPORTUNITY” to relieve as a supervisor, I say “opportunity” as it was for no extra money.

Simply put, having been in the Traincrew grade only 7 years ago, he feels he is not ready to step up yet and asked to give someone else the “Opportunity” as he just wanted to concentrate on being a good mentor as per his job description in the EA and leave the supervising to someone else.

There are many other class one and class two drivers who currently act in the role, so why did BMA Rail single out our member for a reduction in pay? Because he said no thanks, let someone else have the opportunity.

What sort of company would force someone to act in a management role for no extra income when they clearly do not want to do it? Yet, even though he is a good worker in all other fields of his job, it is disgraceful that they steal a sizeable part of his yearly package for not doing a job that should be well above his pay grade.

Well done BMA you have shown how you really feel about your ‘GOOD’ workers.

The current trainees are sure to also miss out on the member’s valued training skills.

Your Union is currently seeking the advice of our industrial team to look at ways this injustice may be addressed.

I will keep members informed.

Unity is Strength

Bruce Mackie
Queensland State President