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2016 Branch Council Approved 2015 Financial Reports

Each year the RTBU Queensland Branch provides the elected Branch Councillors with a copy of the audited financial reports. Delegates to Branch Council then have the opportunity to peruse the reports seeking further information as required.

The FairWork legislation requires the RTBU to provide our audited financial reports to FairWork by the end of May each year to be scrutinised by that body. There is also a requirement for a limited version (concise) of the report to be placed on our website and our members to be advised of this. However the RTBU’s recent practise is to place the whole audited financial report provided to the Branch Council on the website.

The State Industrial Relations legislation also requires that the RTBU, as a State Registered Branch covered by Queensland Industrial Relations Commission, to provide a separate report and to publish it on our website.

The Union has a State Registered Branch because we have some members covered by the State Industrial Relations system. However, this is a technical arrangement in that all the finances of the Union are contained within the Federal Registered Branch.

In simple terms the State Registered Branch receives zero income and its expenditure is zero as it has no assets or any financial dealings whatsoever.

In order for fees, etc. to be paid for applications in the State Commission and other responsibilities required to address formal activities associated with our State registration, there is a Memorandum of Understanding between the State Registered Branch and the Federal Registered Branch where all the assets and resources are contained to meet any costs associated with the operation of the State registered Branch.

The financial reports were approved at the Branch Council meeting on 13 May 2016. Members should note that the RTBU’s financial year is January to December. If members have difficulty in downloading the report and wish to have a hard copy they should contact the RTBU Office.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
RTBU State Secretary,
Queensland Branch

Financial Report for Year Ended 31 December 2015 - Includes Designated Officer's Certificate, Statement of Committee of Management, Statement of Accounting Officer, Auditor's Report and Operating Report