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2016 Federal Election


This is a particularly important Federal election coming on Saturday and it is not the intention of the RTBU to advise you on who to vote for, particularly in the lower house.

The RTBU has been involved with the QCU campaign defending membersí current conditions including penalty rates. At the beginning of the Coalitionís last term they were pretty determined and gun-ho when it came to their campaign for the removal of penalty rates.

There is a fair bit of trying to run for cover now that they have managed to refer the matter to the competition authority to pretend that this is not still part of their agenda.

I donít think many Australians are fooled by that.
The RTBU and the ACTU, as a whole, have been running a campaign in defense of membersí conditions and have had indications of support for this from a number of parties and individual candidates.

The union campaign in this election has not been to encourage people to vote for a particular party as such but to put last on the ballot paper the party which has the interests of workers least at heart.

Given the position the Coalition is currently in, it is highly unlikely that they will lose enough seats to lose Government but I think it is very important that regardless of this, a clear message is sent to the Coalition through losing some seats as a result of their negative worker policies and significantly reduced majorities in others.

This is your opportunity to send a message to the Federal Government that you and your familyís conditions are much more important than their main constituents, the companies that are getting approximately $50Billion in tax cuts and you will send that message to them.

Naturally the RTBU respects the right of members to vote for whatever party they believe is appropriate and this should therefore be taken as a recommendation from the Union as it is not the place of the Union to instruct members on how to vote.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
RTBU State Secretary,
Queensland Branch