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Aurizon Traincrew Shift Extension Dispute

Members have been raising concerns about Aurizonís rostering practices for some time.

In particular members are angry that their shifts are being marked as extended to 12 hours with no specific tasks identified.

In fact, the daily rosters seem to have been marked up just in case something comes up and employees often sent home at the nominal shift length or before.

In other cases itís absolutely clear that some services canít possibly finish in the nominal shift length in normal circumstances.

Ultimately it makes it hard for people to plan their lives, and makes a mockery of the notion that the company will plan their workings to provide some certainty to traincrew.

The RTBU has been pursuing this matter through a dispute with Aurizon. Today we appeared in the Fair Work Commission to put our case.

The outcome of the conference was that a few things would happen.

Train plans across two depots will be reviewed to see if their workings are consistent with the nominal shift lengths. The two depots are Pring and Jilalan. Union representatives will be engaged in that process and the aim will be to ensure nominal shift lengths are appropriate to the operation. We will receive the first response from Aurizon on the 15th of July and will be able to discuss that more at that point.

Beyond that, Aurizon committed that it would no longer simply highlight shifts in the train plan they expected to extend, instead they would only do so when there was identified work to attend to. To ensure this was the case there will be a review of this commitment.

From the 11th of July through to the 11th of August depots will be monitored for compliance and we will have a further opportunity to review Aurizonís actions then. This includes going back to Fair Work Australia to deal with the matter if Aurizon donít keep to their commitment.

What remains important through this process is that members remain vigilant. Your workplace delegate has forms which seek important information in the circumstances your shift is extended. It is critical that you continue to complete them and return them to your delegate.

We will keep members up to date as information arises.

Unity is Strength

Peter Allen
Principal Industrial Officer