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Aurizon's Proposed Redundancies/Restructure

I am sure all members will be aware of the proposed restructure of the Aurizon business which will result in both redundancies and restructuring of many positions which could have a detrimental impact on some membersí quality of life.

The RTBU does not dispute that there will be some effect on companies such as Aurizon when there are downturns on business, but is not convinced that the size of cutbacks being proposed along with the way in which positions are being restructured are in the best interest of the Company and therefore the job security of our members employed therein.

However, the Company has the right to make decisions on its structure and if this is going to impact on its employees, as it clearly will in this case, the Union will be seeking for Aurizon to both take steps to ensure maximising the opportunity for voluntary redundancy as well as paying close scrutiny to the impact on remaining employees. The latter point is one the RTBU demanded be part of the Enterprise Agreements as even if all proposed redundancies are taken by those who desire them, the interests of the workers left behind has to be firstly taken into consideration.

The RTBU has already had its first meeting with Aurizon in which we emphasised this point and sought that impact on rosters and work practises following redundancies being proposed be explored as is required under the provisions of the Aurizon Enterprise Agreements.

The RTBU is making arrangements for further discussions to take place early next week with Aurizon in which it is our intention to interrogate the companies proposals further as well as seeking to address concerns already emanating from members of this Union potentially affected by the proposed restructure.

There is a timetable for members to indicate a desire for voluntary redundancies or transfers/relocations, but we would urge members not to rush to complete applications for these until further information is provided unless you are completely certain of what you wish out of this. Aurizon does not operate on a first application received basis when determining who will be selected for voluntary redundancy, etc. so I would suggest it is in your interest to wait until you have all the information available before making a call in this respect.

Following further discussions with Aurizon next week, the RTBU will be providing you with further communication at which stage you will be hopefully in a better position to make a more informed decision on what to do (if anything) in your best interest.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
RTBU State Secretary,
Queensland Branch