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Aurizon Infrastructure Restructure

The RTBU met with Managers from the three disciplines, Rail Systems Delivery (RSD), Mechanised Production (MP) and Infrastructure Maintenance (IM), to gain a better understanding of what can only be considered as complex consultation documents.

The complexity in the manner in which the consultation documents have been drafted for these areas has resulted in a huge number of questions from members on the content. It is crucial that members have a clear understanding of what is being proposed and all potential outcomes relating to any responses provided by the workers involved.

We have posed several questions and have received some responses but the Union believes that having written clarification for membersí questions and concerns is necessary before giving you a detailed response.

However below is a run down over issues raised where written responses are awaited.

We posed questions around the EOI process for positions and what that meant to a worker if they determined they would not accept the offer, in particular to relocation or a reduction of their classification.

We also sought clarity around a worker who may well express an interest in a position that does not deal with relocation or a reduction in their skills at their current home location.

Members would be aware that we advised in our last circular for members to not rush in unless you were absolutely sure until we sought some clarity around these issues.

Aurizon has advised that they will communicate with the RTBU in advance of the end of the consultation period and we will communicate the outcome to members.

We also questioned why the documents are not clear in respect to the decrease in class for Supervisors and what we know as Team Leaders, as most will be aware the document is clear in respect to reduction in class for Operator Maintainers and RIW level 2.

We have also sought Aurizon provide the RTBU the differences between the current roles of Supervisor and Team Leaders and how it is justified that these become new positions and warrant the title of new positions and subsequently meaning workers are required to apply for these.

We also questioned the ability for OM and RIW 2 having the ability to express an interest in adult apprenticeships as a way of mitigating a redundancy and how the company is going to manage any transitions given not all trades are skilled in track work and the responsibilities therein.

In respect to, the Sub Station (Traction Electricians) and Traction Linespersons the discussions centred around clarity on the EOI document for preferences and what that also meant for these workers and whether an EOI for positions outside their current location would be binding upon the worker.

Discussions also centred on Aurizon being far clearer to these workers who are in essence being advised that they will be under RSD and the makeup of the rostering and the way in which it is proposed they will work under RSD as they take on the maintenance tasks. This also led to those remaining in IM and Aurizon providing details of how the remaining workers would be rostered.

We have a further meeting with Aurizon, in Bowen, tomorrow and our delegates and members have been providing us with other areas of concern and these will also be raised.

Given the complexities around this restructure and some further clarity being required we will also be seeking an extension to the proposed key dates including consultation.

Following our meeting with Aurizon tomorrow and responses to the questions already posed, a further newsletter will be distributed to members.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
RTBU State Secretary,
Queensland Branch