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Aurizon's Proposed Redudancies/Restructure

I refer members to the RTBU circular dated 22 July re the above and the infrastructure workers specific feedback circular.

As I indicated in our earlier circular further meetings with Aurizon were occurring re this issue on Tuesday and Thursday (today) of this week. The RTBU had posed several questions to management and some responses have now been received. The questions posed included the following.

• Seeking clarity around a worker who may well express an interest in a position that does not deal with relocation or a reduction in their skills at their current home location.
• Posing questions around the EOI process for positions and what that meant to a worker if they determined they would not accept the offer, in particular to relocation or a reduction of their classification.

One important issue that Aurizon emphasised was that if, by way of mitigating a redundancy, they offer a worker a position which attracts the same/similar skill set remuneration and is at your current general geographical location and this is not accepted, they would consider this a resignation and not subject to redundancy payment.

Regarding our concerns for employees EOI’s written response is as follows:

"An expression of interest, including the ranking of preference by employees does not constitute acceptance by the employee.

That is, an employee expresses an interest in relocation however changes their mind, this decision will not affect a redundancy payment.

The EOI process is designed to assist Aurizon in mitigating involuntary redundancies where possible”."

Aurizon’s response regarding redeployment to lower classifications was:

"The obligation of providing a suitable alternate position, which attracts the same or no less favourable terms and conditions of employment overall Aurizon will undertake the following:"

Positions be made available for affected employees to EOI for;
Employees who accept a lower level position, will be paid at the rate of pay associated to that lower level position and not a salary maintained rate;
Where employees elect not to accept redeployment to a lower level position, their employment will terminate by way of redundancy;
A “lower level position” is a position with a base rate of pay lower than the employee’s current base rate of pay;
Where the base rates of pay are similar however the take home pay is considerably different and the employee elects not accept the redeployment, their employment will terminate by way of redundancy.”

Aurizon, as a result of the RTBU meeting, has also included an updated frequently asked question (FAQ) for Supervisors, Team Leaders and Operator Maintainers to address some of our questions (copy attached).

A series of further information has been sought by the RTBU at these meetings and Aurizon has committed to provide a response by early next week. I will ensure you are provided with all relevant information was it is received.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
RTBU State Secretary,
Queensland Branch

Proposed Restructure: Mechanised Production - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)