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BMA: Paid Personal & Carerís Leave Update

I refer you to recent newsletters about the RTBU campaign to ensure that BMA are complying with the National employment standard (NES) with respect to accruals of personal/carerís leave.

You will remember that BMA were adamant that they were calculating accruals properly, however, after continued persistence from your union I am pleased to advise that we received the below correspondence from BMA acknowledging that in fact they have not been calculating accruals properly - a good win for BMA members.

ďWe have had a chance to review your email and fully consider this issue.

I can confirm that BMA Rail accepts that on the current interpretation of the NES, employees under the BMA Rail EA are entitled to 10 shifts of personal/carerís leave per year (as opposed to the 7 shifts of personal/carerís leave that employees currently accrue).

Will we communicate this position to employees early next week, and we will then develop a plan for amending future leave accruals, and correcting past accruals.

Given past experience with our payroll systems, it may take a number of weeks to make these corrections, however we will make it clear to employees that these changes will be implemented.Ē

We will keep you updated on further developments.

Unity is Strength

Bruce Mackie
Queensland State President