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OBCS Roster Code of Practise

As members will very much appreciate, the Roster Code of Practise is an important process particularly for those who work in shift work environments like on board employees in QR.

One of the items the RTBU sought and succeeded in attaining in your enterprise agreement, (The Queensland Rail Travel and Tourism and Other Employees Enterprise Agreement 2016), was a review of the Roster Code of Practise within 3 months of the commencement of the new agreement.

The objectives of this ‘Roster Code of Practise’ are to:

  • Examine the identification of alternative duties that may be required in times of train disruptions;

  • Include, where possible, accommodation to be provided on the basis of one room per person where overnight accommodation is required off trains; and

  • Provide guidance for other rostering issues as identified by the parties.

As per the Agreement a joint committee was formed to develop a ‘Roster Code of Practise’ and initial views were sought.

I am pleased to say that the final consultation draft should be available for members to provide feedback to their Union in mid-August, this year.

When you get an opportunity to review this draft we would strongly encourage you to provide feedback as this document will underpin the manner in which your conditions contained in the Agreement are implemented and managed into the future.

Such feedback should also be provided to your delegates or the Union office as in this way the issues important to you can be discussed directly with QR Management before a Roster code of Practise is finalised.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
RTBU State Secretary,
Queensland Branch