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Secret Women's Business

Iím going to be frank, this newsletter is about womenís matters and is set to make the men who read it, squirm. If youíre not a woman and you think youíre man enough to handle discussing periods and sanitary products, read on. If not, pass this on to the next woman you meet and forget you ever saw it.

As your Womenís Officer, I have had more than my fair share of calls and emails about lack of adequate toilet facilities and associated sanitary disposal units.

As an avid diver myself, regular sanitary products are just not sufficient for me to enjoy a full dayís diving without having to worry about whether Iíve sprung a leak and am going to be eaten by sharks.
Through the diving community, I have been introduced to the Diva Cup. Itís a sanitary product with all of the convenience of a tampon, with none of the risks of leakage or toxic shock syndrome if you canít make it to a clean bathroom with adequate toilet facilities for a fresh change.

After hearing of all the horror stories from women Train & Bus Drivers, long distance Catering Attendants, Track Workers and the multitude of others in the industry who are fed up with not having access to adequate facilities, I put two and two together and made a call to the Australian distributors of the Diva Cup.

After some delighted squeals, I have managed to secure you a 20% discount on the Diva Cup.
More about the price later first let me tell you about the product:

I use a Diva Cup myself and have done so for over a year. I can attest to their brilliance.
Itís a cup Ė so it catches your flow so itís better for the environment.
Itís completely reusable Ė you wash it and reuse it.
It only needs to be emptied once every 12 hours.
Itís made of healthcare grade silicone so it will last you years if you treat it right.
No ongoing monthly cost Ė unlike the usual sanitary products so youíll save a fortune over the life of the product.

You can find out all you need to know about the Diva Cup here:

Diva Cup Website

Financial Members of RTBU Qld Branch can go directly to our Shop


They usually retail in Australia for around $60 but if you order yours through the RTBU, you can get one for $47.96. I have looked and I havenít been able to match the price anywhere.

You must be an RTBU member to take advantage of this offer.

We do hope to have online ordering available in the near future but for now, if you want to order one, call or email the office and get one ordered.

They come in two sizes:

Size one is for those under 30 who have not had children (even by caesarean delivery); and
Size two for those who are either over 30 or have had children.

For RTBU members outside of Queensland, if you would like to place your order via email, please drop a line to


telling us what size you would like along with your credit card details and postal address and we will get one out to you ASAP.

Iím also going to be out and about with my samples so if you see me, stop me and ask to have a look Ė theyíre 100% brand new and have never been used so you can inspect it up close.

Unity is Strength

Carla Jones
RTBU Industrial & Womenís Officer