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BMA Meetings Update

Firstly, thank you to all the Traincrew who took the time out on their days off to attend the meetings in Mackay last week. It certainly was a great start and some really good discussions were held.

What has become obvious very quickly is the discontent with BMA as an employer. A lot of people were dismayed that many of the promises made by BMA at induction and pre-employment have never eventuated, mainly around rostering and transparency of rosters, etc.

The majority of discussion was about the BMA Greenfield agreement and the fact that it expires mid-2017 and we need to commence discussions within Traincrew ranks about what works, what does not work and what conditions you would like to see discussed at negotiations for a replacement agreement.

Due to the fact that Traincrew do not see each other very often, we decided to set up a dedicated email address that Traincrew can email there ideas to and we will collate them and share them via newsletters and further meetings in the future.

The idea is for Traincrew to discuss with each other the agreement and email ideas 24 / 7 to


Many of you have had experience in rail and in other industries and all input is welcome.

We will schedule further meetings in about 3 monthís time (around mid-November) to discuss feedback received so far and then set regular meetings up until the time your new agreement is complete. Whilst mid-2017 seems a long way off itís never too early to get organised and start discussing the next phase of your BMA certified agreement.

Remember please email your thoughts to


I have attached an electronic copy of your current agreement as a reference point.

Unity is Strength

Bruce Mackie
Queensland State President

BMA Greenfield Certified Agreement