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Dispute: Shift-Extension

The trial related to the Aurizon Shift extension dispute wound up recently and returned some interesting results.

In the main it showed that in the two depots looked at in the trial (Pring and Jilalan) there were, as expected, some services which were difficult if not impossible to complete in the depot nominal shift length.

It further showed that Aurizon really has no difficulty in identifying those services and shifts well in advance.

The RTBU and AFULE in discussion with workplace delegates tried to work through the dispute in light of the trial results. We had some talks with Aurizon but ultimately their final response appeared to ignore the fundamental principal of any discussion like this if they want people to work the extended shifts, they should get something from it extra time off or the like.

Aurizon stunningly ignored that, despite it being the key feature of our most recent discussions.

Given that and in response, the RTBU and AFULE have jointly sought that the matter be brought back on before the Fair Work Commission as a resumption of the dispute.

The Fair Work Commission have set the matter down for mid-October we will provide further information as it emerges.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
RTBU State Secretary,
Queensland Branch