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Bargaining is now Ready to Commence

Yesterday we wrote to Brisbane City Council seeking the commencement of bargaining right away.

With the new modernised awards out of the way there is nothing stopping us commencing negotiations.

Our letter sought an initial meeting with BCC officials to deal with the logistics of bargaining, or in other words Ė the processes we need to get in place to allow for meaningful discussions to occur.
We need to iron out things such as the frequency of meetings, where they will occur, and the format of bargaining.

We have compiled a log of claims along with some principles to underpin bargaining.

Our log provides the issues raised by members through the online survey, meetings and through direct feedback. Most members raised issues which fitted some key themes. These themes are in the log rather than specific detailed items.

The principles go to the way the bargaining parties will behave during negotiations, and the baselines they should work from to ensure fairness during the process.

Commencing bargaining is an important step Ė itís our chance to ensure the voice of members is heard by management and that we get a fair agreement that protects memberís conditions, and provides reasonable improvements into the future.

During bargaining, your workplace delegate will be the best source of information as to whatís happening. They will participate in regular and detailed discussions with negotiators. We will issue circulars for members regularly, but delegates will have more details.

We will provide further information once we get a response from management.

Unity is Strength

Tom Brown
Secretary, Tram & Bus Division,
RTBU Qld Branch