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Traincrew Shortage Update

Today your Union met with Queensland Rail over the Traincrew shortage that has led to the introduction of a reduced services timetable.

The commitment today from Queensland Rail to Traincrew is that any Traincrew moved from their diagram to another working will be asked prior to the posting of the roster. If the member is able to take the change, they will receive a standalone payment of 100% of the full flat rate for all altered time.

If members require to remain on their master diagram working will be accommodated with the shift sign on and sign off times being maintained.
This will remain in place until such time as the timetable returns to the current master roster or a new master roster is introduced through the Traincrew Agreement process.

Queensland Rail will also look at fast-tracking Route Tutors in both the Drivers and Guards grades to help in the training of Traincrew.

The RTBU will seek to increase the number of Tutor Drivers and Tutor Guards going forward to ensure the training and compliance of Traincrew is not put in jeopardy.

A follow-up to today's meeting will be held later this week to ensure Queensland Rail has addressed the issues.

The RTBU also called on Queensland Rail to introduce all inbound and outbound Caboolture and Redcliffe services to stop at all stations from Northgate to Bowen Hills to reduce the anger and abuse being directed at our Traincrew and Stations members.

I will update members on any further developments.

Unity is Strength

Shayne Kummerfeld
Locomotive Division & State Organiser

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