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Moorooka Tragedy

Today one of our members suffered the greatest and most appalling losses a person can endure the loss of life while going about their work.

Members rightfully expect that they will return home to their families at the end of each shift.

This unprecedented tragedy has shocked members across the city.

We have spoken to members in all depots and the reactions have been the same no-one can quite fathom this incident - the senseless nature of it.

Today we have been speaking with management to better understand what occurred.

We brought together depot delegates to make sure they were as equipped as possible to support members in this terribly difficult time.

Brisbane City Council confirmed they would provide crisis counsellors at depots.

Right now, we wont be speculating on this incident its not the time for that. Right now we are focusing on the needs of members as they try to process this incident.

We are working with the local BCC Councillor on a respectful vigil to honour our brother further details will be available soon.

Safety of members remains our first priority and we will look to the results of the police investigation as they progress. We will have more to say about the incident from that perspective in time.

Right now though, its a time for us to help console a family who lost a loved one and support our mates who are doing it tough.

Any member who needs assistance is encouraged to talk to the counsellors who are available through your depot. Its also a good time to make sure your mates are ok.

Unity is Strength

Tom Brown
Secretary, Tram & Bus Division,
RTBU Qld Branch