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Update: Shift Worker Status

As it has been mentioned in previous newsletters your Union and our legal advisors have been working towards filing in the Federal Court testing whether Aurizon has had the right to take your shift worker status from you. Whilst it is always a time consuming process getting to the Federal Court, I am pleased to advise that the matter has now been filed.

I acknowledge the time taken to get this matter filed, however we had to make sure that everything was done absolutely correctly to ensure that we do this once and do it right.

The Federal Court process is not a fast process. The first thing that will happen is we will be advised when a directions hearing is to take place. A directions hearing is simply to coordinate a timetable for the matter which takes into account the availability of the court and the time required by the parties to prepare their submissions.

This should occur over the next few weeks and we will then have a clearer indication of when the matter will be heard.

I look forward to updating members as this matter progresses.

Unity is Strength

Bruce Mackie
Queensland State President