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Shift Extension Dispute

The dispute over Shift Extensions has been underway for some time.

Recently, the Unions and Aurizon sought to get some recognition of the shifts which have been rostered on day of operation as shift extended.

They have occurred on runs where there is little to no chance of the service returning to depot within nominal shift lengths.

To add more problems, it was apparent that no relief was being arranged – at least not adequate relief.

Following some assistance from the Fair Work Commission, Unions and Aurizon were encouraged to continue discussions.

A without prejudice proposal was put to Aurizon recently which sought to accept that some nominated services could operate longer than nominal shift lengths and stand-alone overtime would be paid.

It’s not a perfect solution however it holds the possibility to resolve this dispute in a way which benefits members.

A proposal was then put by Aurizon which nominated a number of services across depots in Coal North.

The RTBU Coal Sub-Committee has met many times on this and felt that any proposal should apply to all depots.

The RTBU takes the view that any deal should be completed carefully and sensibly with a view to ensuring it doesn’t exclude depots or runs and is tight and equitable.

We had worked on the basis of trying to achieve a unified position on this with the AFULE.

Aurizon had included in their proposal numerous runs in Coppabella but the AFULE sought that they be dealt with in future discussions and removed from the arrangement.

In the meantime we are pursuing Aurizon to find out why their proposal in terms of Jilalan does not include the Goonyella system, also why it doesn’t refer to the Blackwater system.

What we are encouraging is discussions in your depot including delegates to identify those jobs that fit the criteria of being extended beyond the nominal shift length.

We will then convene another RTBU Locomotive Coal Sub-Committee meeting and from that we will be in a better position to continue talks with the AFULEQ leadership and then Aurizon.

Unity is Strength

Bruce Mackie
Queensland State President