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Combined Unions Circular

Shift Worker Matter

A directions hearing occurred yesterday in respect of your shift worker matter. A directions hearing is where the union, employer and the court work out the dates of hearing, how many witnesses, etc. Its a hearing to work out how things will progress.

After the court spent an hour and a half organising directions and matters were about to be concluded Aurizon convinced the Judge to refer the matter to a lower court- the Federal Circuit Court. We think this is a delaying tactic by Aurizon.

This means that we will need to restart the directions process. This will frustratingly delay the process further.

The Combined Rail Unions are now re-doubling their efforts to minimise the delay caused by the Courts decision.

Members are right to be frustrated by this, they want an end to the games by Aurizon so we can get to the bottom of this matter.

In the meantime, we will be in touch with delegates and some members so we can continue to gather evidence and or witness statements.

Again, we will keep you apprised of any developments.

In unity

Owen Doogan
State Secretary

Rohan Webb
State Secretary, AMWU

Peter Simpson
State Secretary, CEPU Electrical Div