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Drug and Alcohol Testing Dispute Update

As you will recall, we sent out a newsletter recently in which you were asked to complete an online survey regarding privacy when alcohol levels are being breath tested.

As a result of that survey, we have communicated to Aurizon that the majority of our members are uncomfortable with the lack of privacy under the current arrangements, and we have advised what we would like to see done in every area to ensure privacy is provided.

For your interestís sake, we provide the following summary of responses:

94% of respondents said that they were being tested in front of others.
70% of respondents said that there were areas in their workplace that could be used for conducting private testing.
69% said that they were concerned about the lack of privacy.
72% said they wanted to be tested in private with only 4% saying they did not want to be taken aside.

We put the following solutions forward based on the answers received from the survey respondents:


We will advise you of any response we receive.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
RTBU State Secretary,
Queensland Branch