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Recruitment of Traincrew Positions

The RTBU has received several calls and emails over the lack of feedback from HR Central for unsuccessful candidates who applied for Traincrew Positions. We have lodged several disputes on behalf of members and had them receive the feedback as per the requirements of the Agreements.

Members who have passed the psychometric testing but then suddenly failed the interview have raised questions that Your Union has put to both Queensland Rail and the Government, as this appears to be disproportionate to the norm in certain areas over others.

When advised by the Union that the way forward would be to place a grievance on Queensland Rail, members have indicated their concern that following this advice may open them up as a target by their local management and place their employment at risk. This is very troubling given the Values and Behaviours and Code of Conduct policies of Queensland Rail.

The RTBU has requested the number of candidates that have failed the interview process be made available at a Traincrew Recruitment meeting on Monday, 16 January.

Given that recruiting Traincrew is a priority for Queensland Rail and its obligations to follow the Code of Conduct, the RTBU encourages all applicants who have concerns about their interview or any other process within the Traincrew Recruitment Selection, to send an email to hrcentral@qr.com.au and include info@rtbu.com.au in the lodgement of their query.

The RTBU is determined to ensure Queensland Rail take members concerns seriously and that transparency within Recruitment and Selection is available to applicants.

Unity is Strength

Shayne Kummerfeld
Locomotive Division & State Organiser