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BMA Certified Agreement

The current BMA agreement expires 17 June 2017 and as part of renewing that agreement, the RTBU is committed to getting feedback from members based on the lessons we have all learnt from the company’s start up to now.

I intend in the coming months to hold local meetings with BMA Traincrew at various intervals as part of the lead up to contacting the company with the view of starting negotiations to replace the original BMA agreement.

While I have very regular communication with many of our members in BMA, this is mostly one on one as the nature of the roster makes it difficult to get a large group together. I have been speaking recently with activists in BMA and we are looking at options to get together in smaller groups and share ideas.

Members are always welcome to contact me in the Mackay office by email (bruce.mackie@rtbu.com.au), or mobile (0420 941 663) with any suggestions for the new agreement, or ideas about opportunities to get drivers together to discuss the upcoming EA negotiations.

The RTBU is only weeks away from starting negotiations in Mackay for the replacement Pacific National Qld Coal agreement and I have no doubt BMA will have their eye over the fence looking at what is occurring at these negotiations.

As time draws closer we will be looking for members to join RTBU officials at the negotiation table. BMA has quite a few RTBU members who have already participated in agreement negotiations with previous employers, so I am extremely confident that we will bring to the negotiation table some very competent participants who will strongly represent their workmates.

Please ensure we have your current private email address so we can keep you informed on local meetings and agreement negotiations. Call the state office on 07 3839 4988 or email info@rtbu.com.au if your need to update your details.

Unity is Strength

Bruce Mackie
Queensland State President