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BMA Certified Agreement Update

I refer to our most recent newsletter regarding the expiration of the current BMA Agreement in June and how as part of renewing that agreement, the RTBU is committed to getting feedback from members based on their experiences during the life of this “Greenfield” Agreement.

Being locally based in Mackay, part of our strategy for getting feedback from members is to hold a series of meetings of BMA workers covered by this Agreement prior to initiating negotiations with the company for the next Enterprise Agreement (EA).

As a lead in to those local meetings we have designated a specific email address for BMA Traincrew to send any suggestions directly to our team, so please send any thoughts or ideas to bmarail@rtbu.com.au.

One suggestion that has come up when speaking locally to BMA Rail members has been that we try to combine pre-agreement discussions with some sort of social event to reinforce the need for team work and group discussion; so if you have any ideas about a local social event, please feel free to send them in.

A really important part of any communication is to ensure we have your current private email address so we can keep you informed on local meetings and agreement negotiations. Call the state office on 07 3839 4988 or email info@rtbu.com.au if you need to update your details.

Unity is Strength

Bruce Mackie
Queensland State President