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Fair Work Commission Decision

Some time ago Aurizon indicated they believe they had the right to train Rail Operators at Pring in competencies that traditionally belong to Traincrew grades, with a view to extend to other Depots, without providing additional remunerative benefit to these employees.

The RTBU challenged Aurizon, firstly on the fact that ROs were going to be directed to do training in these tasks, and secondly on the level of training they were intending to deliver as they were not training to the TLI level and intended to use this fact to avoid paying higher grade duties. The RTBU immediately put the matter to dispute and as part of the dispute meetings indicated that should Aurizon train and require members to do the work they would be paid a higher grade when doing so to use this as the basis of not offering higher grade duties. Through several meetings and conciliation in the Fair Work Commission an agreement could not be reached and the matter was listed for arbitration. Your Union sought the Fair Work Commission to determine the matter and a series of questions were posed to form the basis of the arbitration. In summary, does the commission find that the extra duties fall into the role of an RO and if the Commission feels that ROs can carry out these tasks, does it attract a higher grade payment?

In short, the Commission has found that the tasks are not covered by the traditional ROs role description and for that reason there is no higher grade payment.

This is a complex decision which stretches for 24 pages (see the link below) but appears to clearly infer that Aurizon does not have the right to seek these employees to carry out the additional work functions flowing from the competencies provided through this additional training.

As a result of this decision, the RTBU has sought an urgent meeting with Aurizon to discuss the outcome. We will be seeking that this meeting occur this week.
Local Delegates advise that ROs are not currently doing these tasks. However, until this meeting occurs, and to ensure that we act collectively and not as individuals, we ask members to carry out tasks as directed until your Union advises you of the outcome of the discussions with Aurizon.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
RTBU State Secretary,
Queensland Branch

Fair Work Decision - Attachment to Aurizon Rail Operators (Pring) Members Newsletter