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Federal Court Proceedings - Removal of Shiftworker Status from Aurizon Rollingstock Maintenance Workers (11/7/16)


Enterprise Agreement Negotiations - QR Members (ex Traincrew) 26/6/15
Aurizon Negotiations Update - Fleet/ Infrastructure Newsletter (20/3/15)


QR EA Bargaining Commences - QR Fleet Newsletter (23/5/14)


New Roster - Yesterday your RTBU delegate meet with Queensland Rail to discuss Managements proposed roster. Your Delegate held the view that the times proposed by Management were not reflexed of the times required to carry out work and meet the needs of the workers specially the starting times for the weekend shifts.
RTBU succeeds in 2010 Health Standards (Cat 2) dispute - Members will no doubt appreciate that the RTBU has been fighting for almost two years to ensure that members are not significantly disadvantaged by proposed changes to Heath Standards requirements.