Affirmative Action Women's Committee

Linda, Emma and Wendy

Message from Wendy Hodgson, Convenor.

The RTBU Queensland Branch has an active and dedicated Affirmative Action Women's Committee which encourages all women in the Union to become active members.

From activities in the workplace, to campaigns across the transport industry, the Affirmative Action Women's Committee is keen to ensure women’s voices are heard.

The best way for the Affirmative Action Women's Committee to bring about change is for women to speak up.

The Committee’s aim is to build an effective communication network to foster, encourage and promote the active involvement of women in our Union and the transport industry.

Women have traditionally been, and are still, a minority in the transport industry. However, the gradual growth of the number of women workers within this industry means our voices should begin to be heard more clearly.

We have to work to change conditions in our workplaces. Dealing with an issue like ensuring our workplaces have adequate female toilets may seem like a small first step but it is an important step towards more significant changes.

Working families face many challenges - starting with uncertainty about job security and conditions.

With more women in the workforce, it is becoming more difficult to obtain suitable childcare facilities, particularly for shift workers.

So achieving appropriate childcare facilities for women in the transport industry is one of the key aims of the Affirmative Action Women's Committee.

If you want to get involved in making our workplaces better for women I urge you to contact the RTBU Affirmative Action Women's Committee. You can drop me a line directly or talk to your local organiser who will put you in touch.

Wendy Hodgson - Emma Miller Award

As a tribute to Emma Miller's pioneering spirit, and to celebrate the achievements of contemporary union women, the QCU Women's Committee hosted the inaugural Emma Miller Awards Dinner in 1997. This has become a significant and moving annual event for women trade unionists that recognises and promotes the achievements of rank and file women in the labour movement.

Wendy Hodgson was proudly nominated for the award by the Rail, Tram and Bus Union of Queensland for her passion and achievements.

“Wendy has always been at the forefront of all our campaigns and was very active during the
Right To Work Campaign. Wendy stood out as a leader, not only to women but to all delegates." Owen Doogen - Secretary

History - Emma Miller

Emma Miller contributed to the political and social changes that took place during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

She was a woman of courage, fearless in expressing her convictions and staunch in her beliefs; a recognised leader of Queensland women's fight for the right to vote; and a friend and organiser of women workers and active supporter of the trade union movement. She was an anti-militarist, becoming involved in the 1914-18 anti-conscription struggles until her death in 1917 at the age of 77. She was respected for her courage and for her loyal advocacy of labor principles.

Women of Queensland are indebted to this woman, with ceaseless energy and indomitable spirit, and to many others who were involved in campaigning.