Costello Recommends Privatisation of QR & BCC Buses

5 March 2013

The privatisation battle is once again on the RTBU Queensland Branches agenda. The Costello report commissioned by the Queensland Government has recommended that rather than the Public Rail and Bus transport services be operated by the public sector, they should be restructured to be delivered through contestable contracts under franchise and lease arrangements.

This is no more and no less than the fundamental privatisation of rail and bus services.

The RTBU will oppose with all its strength this attack on our membership as job security and safety will almost certainly be compromised by such a draconian change to the way in which public transport services are delivered to the people in Queensland.

The RTBU will be commencing a campaign to attempt to persuade the Queensland Government not to implement the proposals contained in the so called “independent” report into the Queensland finances primarily authored by the former Howard Government treasurer, Peter Costello.

We will be keen for all our members in Queensland Rail and Brisbane City Council to participate in the forthcoming RTBU anti-privatisation campaign.

The RTBU Officers will be meeting later this week followed by a Branch Executive meeting next week to commence the development of the anti-privatisation campaign strategy. I will ensure members are kept up to date with all developments.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
State Secretary
Queensland Branch