Managing Surplus Positions


The RTBU was advised today that Queensland Rail intended to introduce changes to how they manage surplus positions which are planned to be introduced from 1 December 2013.

QR has advised that these changes will include:

1. “Clarification of Queensland Rail's commitment to no forced redundancies for permanent full-time and part-time employees covered by workplace agreements. The change clarifies that certain categories of employees do not form part of the scope of the specification.
2. Removal of restrictive content regarding "open workers' compensation claims". The current specification states that an employee with an open workers' compensation claim is not eligible for a voluntary redundancy payment. This restriction has been removed and is not relevant to an employee's eligibility to apply for, or be granted, a voluntary redundancy.
3. Aligning salary maintenance arrangements for EiTs with the Public Service Commission Directive 06/13 Employees Requiring Placement. Effective from 1 December 2013, an employee who is placed in a lower level position, would revert to the rate of pay of the position in which they occupy after a 12 month period. Note: any EiTs placed into lower level positions prior to 1 December 2013 will be grandparented to retain ongoing salary maintenance.”

The documentation provided to the RTBU is attached and this Union has some concerns about the proposals. I have therefore sought discussions with QR about our concerns as well as to gain some clarification on the potential whole impact on members.

I will advise members of the outcome of these discussions in due course.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
State Secretary
Queensland Branch

Attachment - Managing Surplus Positions - Download PDF