Aurizon Briefings on Their Draft Agreements

Members will no doubt be aware of the proposal for Aurizon to brief most of you on the draft agreements they wish you to vote on next month.

As you are aware the Union has been involved in negotiating to try and get a fair and just Agreement for you over the last 18 months.

In the interest of all workers in Aurizon having the opportunity to receive a balanced view on any proposed changes to their conditions, Unions sought the opportunity to participate in the briefing schedule proposed by management. Aurizon’s chief negotiator has now written to the Unions stating that “we will not be allowing time for Union representatives to address the briefings”.

It is a disappointing response and I think it is only reasonable to allow members to take what they like from that response. Questions have already been raised about exactly what Aurizon may have to hide by declining to let their workforce hear the views of a Union representative on the impact on you of any proposed changes to your conditions contained in their documents.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
RTBU State Secretary
Queensland Branch