Joint Union Bargaining Update

Today Unions undertook further negotiations with Aurizon over the Construction and Maintenance Agreement. Following some discussion there were a few additional items resolved along with some error corrections.

Unions have been clear in the past that we were unhappy with the process of bargaining and indeed the case before the Commission didnít help. Your representatives would have preferred to be able to continue negotiating but acknowledge that Aurizon aren't prepared to go any further than what is soon to be put before you.

Like any proposal there are plusses and minuses but the joint union position is that itís now up to members to make their decision on the outcome of these negotiations.

Critically it is important that we acknowledge the hard work of the union delegates in this process. The difference in what was originally proposed to what is soon to be put to members is incredible.

Despite the difficulties which have been encountered through a long and frustrating process your workplace delegates have worked in a way that has shown unity, hard work and a determination not often seen.

Given the circumstances caused by the court case, itís fair to say that your delegates have been in the toughest situation of any negotiators in the Australian union movement right now. It is a testament to the quality of your representatives. As officials we urge you to ensure your local delegate is acknowledged for their hard work.

Aurizon have arranged meetings across their operation and will soon give you the opportunity to vote. Members should attend to gain an understanding of what is being proposed. You should also look at the proposed document when it is finalised and released shortly.

In Unity
Owen Doogan
State Secretary
Queensland Branch